N4B Referral Still Going 10 Years On

Our approach to networking allows our members to get to know one another and one another’s businesses on a much deeper level. One of the advantages of this is that members feel much more confident recommending other members’ services to their own clients, friends, or acquaintances as they know it’s a referral they can trust in. Of course, it’s never guaranteed that a referral will result in anything, but when they do pay off, our members are particularly pleased.

Peter Benson from L&P Benson had an especially good experience the other month that reinforced how valuable – and rewarding – the referrals we make within Network 4 Business can be.

Peter had travelled to Leicester to gather pre-renewal information from a client needing to renew their motor trade insurance policy. During their meeting, the owner of the business reminded Peter that he had been referred to L&P Benson by Steve Black of Blueprint Interiors ten years ago. In actual fact, Peter didn’t need reminding, as he explains below:

“I never forget how a piece of work was obtained, certainly not if it came from a referral from Network 4 Business. It’s particularly rewarding, financially and otherwise, when the work stays with you for ten years or more, as in this case.”

A referral resulting in a 10 year relationship – what a reward indeed!