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Bennett Engineering - Our four core services

At the end of October, John Bennett – Director at Bennett Engineering Design Solutions – was in the spotlight. 

Bennett Engineering are a dedicated team of practical design engineering experts. Our clients rely on us to provide honest opinions and real-world solutions adapted to their specific challenge. We offer a range of specialist services and our extensive experience of working in a variety of industries ensures, no matter what the complexity of your design challenge is, our skills can provide you with practical designs that are ready for manufacture.

Our four core services of the business are:

Core four services at Bennett Engineering

Introducing Design Validation

Since lockdown, design validation has been a growing area for Bennett Engineering. So much so, that it was formalised into a service line for the first time in the history of the business.

The incoming enquiries have had a theme; the need to be absolutely sure that their product will be safe to use. Effectively, they are buying peace of mind and protection from all the horrors that can be the result of product failure. 

And when talking ‘product’, it’s whatever they have designed to supply to their customer base – ranging from smaller items right up to 10 tonne ‘products’.

Whilst safety is the top priority, our clients also need to know that they were getting value for money from their product. This is where our commercially focussed design engineering skills come into play – identifying enhancements and removing over-engineering, means saving materials and therefore money whilst improving performance.

Our presentation in October went through the foundations for a design validation project – a reactor tower crane, known as the grillage – for the Hinkley Point construction site. We analysed how the structure would respond to the expected loadings, locating weak spots and providing solutions to overcome them. You can read more about this on our website.

When a designer within a business, an engineer in a team or a business owner needs extra support to sleep at night, Bennett Engineering Design Solutions are proud to be their partner. We ensure that everything component is as safe as it can be and the product cost facilitates them making a profit.

If you would like more information on Bennett Engineering, contact the team on 01509 363060 or info@beneng.co.uk.


John Bennett – Bennett Engineering Design Solutions